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About EOS Institute EC International
by Sandor Lengyel

The EOS Institute EC is founded the basis of the works by Sandor Lengyel. He is an artist, specialist of complex systems (cyberneticist) and modern spiritual leader.

He researches and teaches the complex informational field acquisition and translation, system theory, Synergetics (interdisciplinary science explaining the formation and self-organization of patterns and structures in open systems).

In practice, he has developed The EOSPLAY Game-Technology and The Dream Reality Cinema Technology and a new Artistic Method named Black Box. He teaches, writes screenplays, shoots movies, directs dance and theatrical shows and other productions. He teaches with his heart.

EOS Play
EOS Play
EOS Play

Our Mission

Building a creative way for the required development of the mankind of Homo Sapiens

EOS Research of DRC Method

Pooling more than 25 years of research, Dream Reality Cinema introduces a first-of-its-kind automated self-developer program for lucid dreaming.

In my DRC-technology films I simply ask the brain when and what to pay attention to. Not covertly, but face-to-face. The cybernetic program that I developed and made into a movie works: if you know its language and the way dream reality operates, the nervous system helps you realize yourself.

-- Sandor Lengyel

Our Opened Educational and Researcher Programs

  • Life-Models Seminars
  • Extra Sense Program
  • EOS School student training
  • Expert - Operator teacher - specialist trainee
  • Scholarship Program
  • Voluntary Program




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